When I interviewed for my place on the University of East Anglia’s Creative Writing (Crime) Fiction MA course, my tutor-to-be said ‘So everything you’ve done comes down to words?’ and I realised that he was absolutely right.  I’d always thought of my worklife and study habits as being quite disparate, but in fact, it all came down to words.  Through writing stories all through school (still got the first (and only!) draft of my loving crafted romance novel Cowboy Blues in the loft!) and then a law degree, to working in marketing, technical writing, PR, Human Resources while I got my second degree in Literature, finally up to present day where I twin writing with being an English Teacher at a local secondary school, it all comes down to words.

It’s taken a while from me making the transition from someone who is just passionate about words, to someone who’s ready to share those words with the wider world, but with my debut novel, Between The Lines published in March 2021, I’m finally ready to call myself an actual writer.