Happy New Year – Let’s make 2018 the Year of the Writer

Welcome to 2018 everyone.  How exciting!  A new year!  I always love New Year for the possibilities that it brings.  Is there any other time of year that holds so much possibility and hope for the future?  Last year was pretty good for me in terms of my writing.  Sometimes when you’re in the middle of a project (says she, talking like she knows about all the projects all the time!) it’s hard to see how far you’ve travelled.  My head is full of the 60,000 words I still need to do, not the 30,000 I’ve already done.  It’s a bit of a negative place to be – although I’m not advocating complacency.

So where am I coming from?  What have I achieved since this time last year?

  • Gone from no words to 30,000 words
  • Gone from dreaming of an agent maybe one day to being lunched by an agent
  • Gone from having no confidence in my writing to winning the David Higham award for my course and feeling a whole lot better about what I’m doing
  • Gone from having a sketchy idea of my characters to detailed and indepth developments
  • Gone from having a vague idea as to what was going to happen to a much more concrete (if slightly gelatinous at times!) plan
  • Gone from working towards the first year of my MA to having a merit in the first years’ modules.

Looking pretty good really.  And so much of that stuff just happens and gets left behind in the whole ‘get to the finish’ race.

So where am I going?  How am I going to make 2018 the year of this writer anyway?

  • Finish the other 60,000 words (d’uh!) – I’d like this done by May so that I have plenty of time before my September submission date to get things redrafted and edited.  Scrivener tells me that’s around 460 words a day.
  • Write regularly – part and parcel of the above but I’m determined to frame my head as a writer this year.  Every week I want to sit down and make some progress.  Whether it’s good or bad, getting those words down needs to be my priority.
  • Blog more regularly – again, I’m pretty sure this is all connected to the above – framing me as a writer.  I’m committed to being a writer and I want to share that passion with you all more regularly.

Let’s tick some more stuff off that bucket list!

What are you proud of from 2017?  What do you hope to achieve in 2018?


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