Three reasons why it’s a good thing if your first book goes nowhere

5427985046_ac3a1a860c_bSo, long time, no see. I’ve been neglectful of my blog. But not neglectful of the writing. I’ve been busy writing my second novel, Witness, a standalone domestic crime thriller. And while I’ve been beavering away at that, I’ve actually been appreciating the fact that Between The Lines hasn’t been a runaway success (or any success in honesty… so far anyway!). Here’s why…

No pressure to live up to anything

Literally. My first book went nowhere. So if this book goes no further, then it was no worse than the first one! Just imagine the hideous pressure I’d feel if my debut novel had been snapped up for a giant fee. The stress of having to live up to my own hype. Let’s fact it, it’s a real relief that I don’t have to deal with that hardship.

Freedom to go where the road takes you

If a writer wants the freedom to try different styles of writing then usually they’re either at the start of their career, with nothing published, or at the very height of their career and fame where their readers will devour anything they write. Between the Lines is designed as a series novel, so if I’d made a success of that, then I’d’ve been writing another Vida and Slater novel. That’s not a bad thing by any means; I’ve got them lined up for another outing next. But because I’m not tied to anything, by virtue of my own lack of success, I had the time and freedom to be able to write something different, a more pacy, first-person narrative.

You can aim for a personal best

How many people run their best time on their first marathon? No, actually, I’m asking that question because obviously I have no marathon-running ability. I’m presuming though, based on the life of the sporty Other Half, that usually you get better with time. I know I can run a marathon now, metaphorically-speaking, and so now I can put my efforts into honing my time and skills. That’s quite a freeing thing!


I’ve not given up on Vida and Slater by any means. I still love them and want to find a way of getting them out there, but in the meantime, I’ve put my energies into the new endeavour. And feeling pretty good about it too!


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