What I look for in children’s literature

Yeah, yeah... I’ve written a book. It’s still available to buy on Kindle - please feel free to indulge. And then maybe review. I wanted to talk about something different today though; children’s literature. It’s the time of year again when I shadow the Carnegie Award at school - me and twenty excited Year 7s … Continue reading What I look for in children’s literature

A bit of horn-tooting

It's release day! Excuse me a little bit of my own horn-tooting. Let's face it; if I'm going to make it as a self-published author, I'm going to have to get used to blowing my own horn! It's not a state of affairs that comes naturally to me. Whether it's because I'm a woman, or … Continue reading A bit of horn-tooting

Making more of your setting

I've just read the excellent Deadfall, by Linda Fairstein (one of my regular favourites) and it struck me that there are some books that go beyond merely setting a story in a specific place; the very tentacles of the story worm their way through the whole location.  There's some extra special about that kind of … Continue reading Making more of your setting

Why I enjoyed Paula Hawkins’ new book Into the Water @PaulaHWrites #IntoTheWater

I've just read Into the Water and I was not disappointed! Firstly, I was a big fan of Girl on the Train (I have to admit when I was looking for the picture for this post, I was busy googling 'Girl in the Water' and couldn't find the book cover - missed opportunity or deliberate … Continue reading Why I enjoyed Paula Hawkins’ new book Into the Water @PaulaHWrites #IntoTheWater