Introducing myself

It’s only polite when starting a blog that you start by introducing yourself, so here I go.  I’m Freya and I’m an almost-writer.  I live in Derbyshire with my lovely husband and three gorgeous girls, Bee, Nettie and Moo.  In between our happy family times, I’m a teacher at a local secondary school, English of course, which I’m lucky in that I love my job!  To add that extra layer of chaos, I’m also working towards my MA at the University of East Anglia in Creative Writing (Crime) Fiction – I’ve always been the sort of person who likes to juggle as many balls as possible while running around feeling like a headless chicken – it makes me feel important!  And isn’t life all about making ourselves feel important (or is that just me?!)

As part of my course, and as part of my long-held ambition to be an actual-writer, I’m currently working on my first novel.  Which I hope people will read and enjoy.  I intend to tell you more about that in another post but I’m really enjoying writing it and finding out all about my characters and setting.  Alongside the writing, I also have to read an insane number of crime novels (oh the hardship!) and so I also intend to be sharing my feedback on some of those as we go.

I know these early posts are all about getting things going and so there’s probably nobody here to read this, but if by any chance there is, and you’re out there reading this, give me a wave and an intro yourself!

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