So in my road to being an actual-writer, I’ve had two epiphany moments to help me along the way and so I thought I’d share them with you.

1. Forensic Linguistics

I’ve always been a crime reader.  That’s probably partly why I ended up doing a law degree.  But then I loved language too and when I started teaching I was lucky enough to be put to teaching A-Level English Language.  I’m trip-happy at school and am always looking for the next extra-curricular learning opportunity and so we took a group of A-Level students to London to attend the English and Media Centre’s English Language Conference.  Presenting there was Dr Tim Grant, a professor at Aston University, who specialises in Forensic Linguistics and it was a halleluia moment – here was language and law all in one neat little package.  I was sold, an interest was born and my main character, a Forensic Linguistics Professor inserted herself into my head.

2. University of East Anglia and Crime Fiction

So I was sold on Forensic Linguistics and also knew that I wanted to further my studies in some way or another.  At the time, Aston University offered a distance learning MA in Forensic Linguistics and I was intending on applying to that but before I had chance it disappeared from their offerings.  Then just by chance I saw that the University of East Anglia (amazing university for creative writing) were offering a Masters in Creative Writing (Crime) Fiction on a part-time basis.  Halleluia again!

And so here I am.  Writing a novel for a Masters with a Forensic Linguistics focus.  How brilliant is that?!

Have you had any epiphany moments?  Let me know in the comments.

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