Listen to my words…

So, I did it! And you know what, despite the fact I had to follow nine amazing writers, and the fact that I was exhausted from teaching for five hours and then driving for over four, it wasn’t as nearly as scary as I expected it to be.

I chose to read the introduction to both my main character, Dr Vida Henrikson and the introduction to the science of forensic linguistics – I liked the meta-ness of being nervous and reading about someone being nervous and reading. I also liked the idea that the audience in the pub would be like Vida’s audience in the lecture theatre and maybe her words, as my words, would also get people thinking about their language.

I’m not sure it was an entirely successful choice – listening to the presentation back I think it’s hard to tell between Vida’s lecture and her inner voice so I’d have to work on that for the future. I also think I was maybe missing the hook that some of my compatriots had. I have a couple of thoughts on that – firstly, if I do another reading, I should have the whole of the novel to choose from rather than just a little bit. Secondly though, if I haven’t got a hook in the opening, why would my reader keep reading? Something to ponder on!

But overall, I was pleased. Feel free to watch the video – it starts mid-stream but I’ve just introduced the section I’m reading – Vida is giving a lecture! Feedback welcome – and don’t judge the fashion choice – I’ll do that on my own!

And if anyone would like to buy the anthology, it’s on pre-order on Amazon now.

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