The biggest surprise of all

What an exciting weekend I’ve had. Got my COVID jab which was pretty cool. And released my book. Which was even cooler. I’ve had a massive surprise though, and something completely unexpected has just blown my tiny mind. I felt incredibly awkward launching the book. Too much look at me. I sent round an email … Continue reading The biggest surprise of all

Going it alone… sort of… self-publishing

So it’s been a funny old year, hasn’t it? You’d’ve thought that the pandemic would make writing easier. All that time cooped up inside. Especially if you read the Daily Mail and believe that teachers have been doing nothing in lockdown - hours and hours of uninterrupted time! Of course, the reality has been very … Continue reading Going it alone… sort of… self-publishing

Back to pinning the tail on the donkey

You might have noticed a bit of a hiatus in the blog posts over the past month or so. I wish I could tell you that it's because I've been beavering away, polishing, honing and writing anew. I'd be fibbing if I did that though, and while there's a very thin line between telling lies … Continue reading Back to pinning the tail on the donkey

My writing bucketlist… or how will I know if I’ve made it?

I've been giving some thought recently to the crippling self-doubt that seems to afflict many writers (and although I'm still in the almost- camp, I can definitely relate to that almost paralysing fear that what you've written is maybe, possibly, almost certainly utter rubbish) and wondering how I can benchmark my career as a writer. … Continue reading My writing bucketlist… or how will I know if I’ve made it?

Finding the time and the mental space

I was listening to a podcast from The Bestseller Experiment in which Sarah Pinborough (currently topping charts and twitter channels with her novel Behind Her Eyes) was talking about how she writes.  She said that as long as she was thinking about her writing every day, then it didn't matter that she wasn't physically writing every … Continue reading Finding the time and the mental space

Workshopping: My Personal Hell

Don't get me wrong.  The process of workshopping is infinitely valuable and I am utterly and totally appreciative of all the effort others are putting into reading and reviewing my work.  But emotionally?  I am not cut out of this level of focus and analysis! I admit - I am not a person who takes … Continue reading Workshopping: My Personal Hell