The biggest surprise of all

What an exciting weekend I’ve had. Got my COVID jab which was pretty cool. And released my book. Which was even cooler. I’ve had a massive surprise though, and something completely unexpected has just blown my tiny mind.

I felt incredibly awkward launching the book. Too much look at me. I sent round an email at work to tell people and literally spent about thirty minutes hovering over the send button, worrying about what people would think, before I finally clicked it and then panicked about it. I felt the same way sharing the Facebook posts with my friends and family. I was prepared for negativity and people to be dismissive of me.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the absolute support I’ve had from everyone. I thought I was going it alone. Me and Amazon take on the world. But I very quickly realised that actually I’ve got a real community behind me, a whole team of cheerleaders, a proper crew. And I’ve never felt so lucky and so appreciated.

So this post it just a thank you really – not to just my support team, my friends, family, colleagues and strangers who’ve just popped up from nowhere – but to everyone who’s out there, cheering on their writers. I can’t tell you how much it’s appreciated.

Now… with that out of the way, have you left a review for my book yet? 🤣

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